Private Life Coaching

Private life coaching is available by phone or video chat. You buy time with me and bring your questions that you'd like to focus on and we'll spent 60 minutes exploring a way to resolve or inspire your actions. We'll set up another appointment to continue the accountability, if you'd like. There are no contracts. Just buy time and we'll talk soon! We can also record the conversation if you'd like! CLICK HERE.

Group Coaching - I Decided to be Happy

If you'd like to participate in group coaching this is a great way to have contact with me at a super affordable rate. This private Facebook group is for paying clients only and we will have daily interaction in the group and weekly 30 minute Facebook Live chat's in the group. We'll be discussing Empowerment and Happiness!


LIVE Video Interview

Need to promote your book, product or service on Facebook LIVE or other Video? If you'd like to be interviewed by me please send me the details and then click the link below to purchase time with me. I will ask you questions that will help to promote your product or service. Or maybe you'd just like to chit chat on Facebook LIVE and increase your visibility? That's totally doable as well! Email me at with the details and we'll take it from there!


Coaching is So Helpful!!

Why is it so easy to talk to me? Because I am a professionally trained and certified international Life Coach, 2007, from the Coach Training Alliance. I'm really good at listening very deeply and reading between the lines. I can see and feel things that you may be missing and bring them to your attention. I'll be taking notes during our time together and we can have our coaching time over the phone or in video chat via Facebook or Skype and we can also record the conversation on the phone by using my conference room. This way you can listen to the recording anytime you'd like.

Talking to me is so helpful to resolving your problems because as you talk you begin to process the problem and have your own epiphanies about how to resolve it. I don't resolve anything - you do that - but I'm right there helping you by asking questions and being an empathic listener.

Doesn't matter what the issue is... I don't have to know anything about it! All I do is show up for you, I am there for you, listening to your words and the emotion in your voice. This are all helpful in helping you to come to your own conclusions about your issue!

I'm happy to help you! Please click the link above and let's get started! I look forward to hearing from you!



Take the Next Step...

Take inspired action now! Click the button to buy time with me for private, one-on-one coaching! It's so easy and affordable. We'll have a great time on the phone or video chat and you'll get to resolve your challenge! Talk to you soon!!

April Beam