My Approach

My role, as your life coach, is to listen deeply, then reflect back to you what you said and ask you some thought provoking questions that cause you to come up with solutions - and to be your accountability whisperer.

As a professional LIVE broadcaster, my job is to put you in the best light, ask you questions that will open you up about your product or service that you want to promote and to give a polished and professional delivery via video - to be used for years to come!

As the Author of "The Gratitude Goddess" series, my books will focus of course on gratitude but also take a look at our choice to be happy and to use that feeling of gratitude and happiness to create a great life for ourselves and our family. We take the high road in these books. I seek to enlighten and to inspire. This is a new series! The first book "I Decided to Be Happy...it's Way More Fun!" Comes out in June 2018. STAY TUNED!!

As the Author of "The Manifesting Princess" series of books (there are 7 already on Amazon and Kindle), I took an innocent outlook and formulated it into a powerful attraction method for manifesting. Listening to my inner guidance always - my goal was to create high self-esteem, self-worth, turning the other cheek, encouraging forgiveness and asking you as the reader to take the road less traveled. The Manifesting Princess is a mindset. It's not about entitlement or making magical things happen; it's about working hard for what you want and feeling satisfied that you were able to accomplish your goal. All of these books are best-sellers. Two of them reached #1 status (2013 and 2016). To view my author page please visit MANIFESTINGPRINCESS.com today! All books can be found on Amazon by searching "Manifesting Princess".