Proud Muckraker

Proud Muckraker
When Jack Anderson was alive he was called a “Muckraker”. I was Eleven years old and didn’t know quite what that meant, but I knew it was some sort of troublemaker…. this left an indelible impression on me to be proud of being a muckraker, troublemaker, hell raiser and to use my “powers” only for GOOD.
And I have. Most of the time.
When Jack passed, many years ago, I mourned his journalistic death as well, and although I will never be anywhere near the accomplished journalist that he was – I can still do my little part to write about topics that I believe need attention.
I’ve always been a writer at heart and always knew that someday I’d publish a book. I did that in 2011, 2012 and 2013… took a break and published again in 2015. All total – 7 books. All best-sellers on Amazon/Kindle…and self-published. But none of them I am proud of because they didn’t tell the whole story of where my heart was at the time. I had more to say but because of ego and deadlines I went ahead and published incomplete book after incomplete book… If you read all 7 of them you might get the idea of what I was trying to accomplish – which was to raise my own self-esteem and to teach others that they have a right to be happy but they must choose to be happy – otherwise they’ll be miserable.
We teach what we need to learn.
I am a champion for women, especially women’s empowerment. In 2018 there is a #Timesup and #MeToo movement going on. A ripple that began with Gretchen Carlson, Miss America 1989. She sued FOX for sexual harassment and received a reported $20 million dollars. And the creepy old fat guy was fired. Good. Many people think she was paid too much… How can you put a dollar amount on how badly someone was sexually harassed every single day of their career at that station? You can’t. So I think she deserves the $20 million and more! But thankfully she is now available to be the CHAIR for the (who would’ve guess?) Miss America Organization, with their CEO and President and most of their board resigning after emails came to light about his use of the word “cu*t” when referring to a Miss America. Really? And what would an old fat gay guy know about a c**t anyway? Right. Nothing. So he only used that word (of course) to insult, humiliate the women of this bright, magnificent 96 year old pageant. How disgusting. What a shame. As a lifelong fan and former contestant, volunteer and executive director in the Miss America Organization – I was deeply offended and shocked that someone in such a position would dare to put down our young women with words like FAT, and GROSS…. I guess I shouldn’t have called him that, but in this case – I think he is LONG overdue for a few jabs. How dare he put down Mallory Hagen, former Miss America! How dare he suggest that former Miss America, that are referred to as Forever Miss America’s…. be called “Ex Miss Americas”. I mean c’mon. Obviously he hated his job and was ASKING to be fired! Allegedly!
And then we have Hollywood coming forward, along with other women around the world, who are speaking up and saying they’ve had enough of the “casting couch” and the sexual harassment on the job. Just as Oprah Winfrey stated in her beautiful acceptance speech at the Golden Globes – (I am paraphrasing here) some women do not have the luxury of quitting their jobs because they have to buy groceries and pay bills with the money they work for – while fighting off men who touch them and call them disgusting names.
In 1980 I was a single working mother in an all male office. I dressed like a nun. Seriously. Because I thought it was “my fault” that my co-workers, and my bosses boss in particular – kept pinching my nipples or my ass as I walked by…. I would go home every day crying and hating that I had to go back to work in the morning just so I could provide for my baby. I would ask my babysitter….does this look baggy enough? Can you still see my boobs? She’d assure me I looked fairly horrible! And I’d try again, hoping that this was the day I wouldn’t have to hear and feel their disgusting comments and grabbing at me. I endured this for six months. I told my boss but my boss was not the problem. It was HIS boss that was the problem and so he told me that he himself could get fired if he said to leave me alone. My only ally. It was only after one particularly quiet day that my bosses boss asked me back to his office for some dictation…. LOL pun intended…. and he tried to rape me. THAT is when I left the office. I quit my job. I never reported him to the police. I don’t know why? It just never occurred to me! Back then the attitude was “ohhhhhh boys will be boys!”
It hurts so much just to tell this story. I’ve never told anyone before. Ever. And this is 2018! That baby is 39 years old!
Anyway, so with all these women coming forward…. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I have shed your tears. I have felt the shame of feeling like I did something wrong when in fact I did NOTHING wrong at all. I was underpaid, overworked and assaulted every single day that I worked at this company in Reston Virginia…. an oil company… and the name escapes me right now but I’ll find it!
I’m so proud of the women who have come forward. I’m so happy that we are united. And Gretchen Carlson posted this on her Instagram – Empowered Women Empower Women! Yes they do! Oh I just LOVE this! I love seeing women come together, united in a cause. And the good-hearted men won’t mind… it’s only the bullies, intimidators and mean men who will put any of us down for being united in this. Only good men want the best for their daughter, sisters, mothers, nieces, granddaughters. When you put a woman down, you are putting down every female in your family! When you call a woman a bitch or a c**t…. you are calling your MOTHER or Daughter the same! THINK ABOUT IT!
So what is April Beam the writer going to write now? Well….more than likely something that is about women empowering women! Something that will help to move this whole #metoo #timesup movement forward. This is the legacy I want to leave behind for my granddaughter Madeline. She’s 5. I don’t want her to ever go through what I’ve been through. And because this is the Aquarian age of the DIVINE FEMININE… she won’t have to.
Thank you for reading this far. Thank you God for your divine intervention. Thank you for supporting and loving me. I am such a flawed person and I screw up constantly but this much I can do before I die… I can write at least ONE MORE BOOK that will truly help others, specifically women, because WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS and One Woman’s Success is Inspiration for Another. We wear an invisible crown on our head = We should Act Accordingly.
Thank you for your loving patience and kindness and support,
April Beam